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  Acupuncture Insertion of fine needles at certain points, so-called "acupuncture points" that are located on the meridian lines. Acupuncture is practiced solely with fine disposable sterile needles. Acupuncture is used to regulate the circulation of Qi (energy) and to harmonise Yin and Yang.     Auriculotherapy Insertion of fine needles or application of beads or magnets in the ear. All the parts of the body have a matching location in the ear. The body is in fact represented as an upside down foetus. Auriculotherapy is interesting for both acute and chronic problems. It is also very effective for stopping smoking, weight problems and stress, etc.   Tui Na An Mo Qi flows through channels called meridians. Chinese massage, using pressure, manipulation, and rubbing on the acupuncture points and meridians stimulates the circulation of Qi in the meridians and balances the energy.

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