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The Traditional Chinese Medicine Centre located at rue Haldimand 14 in Lausanne was founded in 2004 with the aim of providing you with the expertise and benefits of traditional Chinese medicine. 

For centuries, Chinese culture has been interested in the functioning of our bodies and over time has been able to identify and map the various vital points, as well as their direct impact on our bodily functions.

Its science is renowned for the excellent results it obtains.

Traditional Chinese medicine is a complementary to allopathic medicine.


Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis is based on 4 principles:

1) Observation, including looking at the tongue

2) Dialogue with the patient

3) Palpation, including taking the Chinese pulse  

4) Auscultation: listening and smelling


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In order to establish a traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis, these four examination times are important.

The Chinese doctor also observes the tongue (shape and colour, together with texture and colour of the coating).

He takes the Chinese pulse, which is located on the radial artery, at 3 different places near the wrist using shallow, medium and intense pressure.

These different examinations will inform the Chinese doctor about your vital energy level (Yin, Yang, Qi (energy) and bodily fluids).

This will enable him to make a holistic diagnosis of the patient, according to the rules of traditional Chinese medicine.

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