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Acupuncture - China clinic TCM - LausanneInsertion of fine needles at certain points, so-called "acupuncture points" that are located on the meridian lines.

Acupuncture is practiced solely with fine disposable sterile needles.

Acupuncture is used to regulate the circulation of Qi (energy) and to harmonise Yin and Yang.




Stopping smoking - China Clinic TCM - LausanneInsertion of fine needles or application of beads or magnets in the ear. All the parts of the body have a matching location in the ear. The body is in fact represented as an upside down foetus.

Auriculotherapy is interesting for both acute and chronic problems. It is also very effective for stopping smoking, weight problems and stress, etc.


Tui Na An Mo

China Clinic TCM - LausanneQi flows through channels called meridians.

Chinese massage, using pressure, manipulation, and rubbing on the acupuncture points and meridians stimulates the circulation of Qi in the meridians and balances the energy.

It promotes the flow of energy and the blood flow and helps to reduce and eliminate pain.



Prescription formulas made of leaves, roots, stems, bark, seeds and cultivated or wild flowers.

These formulae have been used for  thousands of years and Chinese wisdom on the cultivation, harvesting, preparation and methods for combining these entirely natural herbs is very important.

Nowadays, Chinese verbal medicine uses more than 400 plant species for internal or external use. Prescribing Chinese herbs complements the beneficial effects of acupuncture.

They are prescribed according to the patient's condition and the rules of Chinese diagnosis. The combination of herbs is adjusted depending on the improvement in symptoms.



Moxibustion - Clinic China - LausanneMoxibustion involves the burning of a stick-shaped herb called moxa in close proximity.

Moxa is made from dried mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris Latiflora), a herb with medicinal properties.

Moxa is used to stimulate certain acupuncture points with heat. This in turn activates the blood flow, removes cold and moisture and restores vital energy (the impetus to get up and do things).



The benefits of cupping

Cupping - China Clinic TCM - LausanneA method that is complementary to acupuncture for treating congestive or inflammatory conditions (bronchitis, 'flu, etc.) using glass or bamboo bulbs.

Cupping is useful for stimulating the flow of energy and blood, removing moisture and cold and reducing pain.



Chinese dietetics

Acupuncture - China clinic TCM - LausanneFoods like Chinese herbs are classified according to their nature (cold, cool, warm or hot) and their flavour (spicy, salty, sour, bitter and sweet).

For example, cinnamon is used in winter for its warming properties, and watermelon and mint for their refreshing properties.

During Traditional Chinese Medicine sessions, our doctors will give you dietary advice depending on your personal health problems.

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